The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

2024 National Show


Tour Information

Please join us for a tour of the Mob Museum – officially known as the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ORGANIZED CRIME & LAW ENFORCEMENT – in downtown Las Vegas, located at 300 Stewart Ave, on Thursday, November 14, 2024. The Mob Museum offers hundreds of organized crime artifacts and exciting immersive exhibits. The tour will take approximately 1.5-2 hours with options to visit the Underground, the Crime Lab, and the Distillery. The private shuttle will leave the Santa Fe Station Hotel at approximately 9 am and leave the Museum at noon for return to the hotel. For those that take the tour, you will receive a wristband, should you want to go back later that same day on your own and revisit. The cost of the shuttle and tour is $70.00.


The Mob Museum – Las Vegas, NV

The best stories are found by digging under the surface. At the Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, we put in the work to get to the bottom of some of history’s most intriguing tales, exploring the age-old dichotomy of good guys vs. bad guys.

Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, the Mob Museum is an immersive experience exploring the ongoing power struggle between organized crime and law enforcement from the Mob’s origination to today.

Through vivid storytelling, guests are presented with the facts, the fiction and the gray area in between — showcasing the events and characters that played an integral (and infamous) role in U.S. history.

Taking its cues from the Entertainment Capital of the World, the Mob Museum seamlessly melds intrigue with explanation through four expertly curated floors of interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, engaging artifacts and pop culture lore.