The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

Beginner’s Handbook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Where to grow chrysanthemums
Chapter 2 Soils and plant nutrition
Chapter 3 How to obtain plants
Chapter 4 The chrysanthemum bed
Chapter 5 Planting and support
Chapter 6 Plant care and watering during growth
Chapter 7 Pinching – Disbudding – Pruning
Chapter 8 Insects and other animal pests
Chapter 9 Diseases and their cause
Chapter 10 Ideas for a better grower
Chapter 11 Why shade and how
Chapter 12 Exhibiting is rewarding
Chapter 13 What to do and when



This Beginner’s Handbook, a handbook for new growers of the chrysanthemum, is one in a series of publications for growers of the chrysanthemum. In this revision of the Beginner’s Handbook the editors have drawn from the previous handbook. This revision makes the instructions applicable to all areas of the United States.

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