The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

Chrysanthemum Culture in the Home Garden

(New 2021 Booklet)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chrysanthemum Culture in the Home Garden
  • Basics of Growing Chrysanthemums
  • Design Variables of Cultivars
  • Fertilizers Are Available in Different Forms
  • From Planting to Bloom
  • Frost Protection
  • Growing in Containers
  • Basics Procedures
  • Staking and Tying
  • Pests, Insects, and Diseases
  • To Summarize, Here are a Few General Tips for Successful Chrysanthemum Growing
  • Premature Budding
  • Introduction
  • Terms Used and Explanations
  • Care of Stock Plants – Rooted Cuttings
  • Basic Requirements on Rooting Cuttings
  • 10 Easy Steps to Taking and Rooting Chrysanthemum Cuttings



Chrysanthemums are available in many types and forms to provide amateur gardeners with an interesting selection of cultivars to challenge their horticulture skills. In the garden with little or no protection, the predominant chrysanthemum to use would come under the general heading of garden or cushion chrysanthemums. Each plant of this type grown properly will make many stems, multiple blooms, and a mass of color. They bloom naturally early in the fall and grow to varying heights.

Another broad class of chrysanthemums is the exhibition type. These range from small-flowered bonsai and cascades to very large single stems. These generally bloom naturally late in the season and require protection from wind, rain, and frost.

This pamphlet gives cultural guidance for the garden types of chrysanthemums. For gardeners interested in growing the exhibition types, the Beginner’s Handbook, Advanced Growers Handbook, and the Show and Judges Handbook provide excellent information

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