The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

The Novice Exhibitor

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Preparation and handy tools
Chapter 3 Cutting the blooms
Chapter 4 Conditioning , cleaning, grooming and size of working and storage area
Chapter 5 Introduction to classification
Chapter 6 Introduction to entry cards and show schedule
Chapter 7 Methods of holding, packing and transporting to a show
Chapter 8 Entering your blooms in the show
Chapter 9 How the show is judged
Chapter 10 Value of experience when acting a a judge’s aide or clerk
Chapter 11 Working on and with the show committee



A novice exhibitor is defined as a person who has not won a blue ribbon in chrysanthemum competition prior to the current growing year. The information in this pamphlet is intended to provide guidance for new exhibitors in preparing and making entries in a show.

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