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Mums the Word By Pat Stockett Johnston Book Cover

In this book, Pat explains the Secrets to Growing Chrysanthemums for both the Home and Shows. This book contains valuable information for both the novice and experienced grower and covers a variety of topics to get you up and growing your own home garden or prepare you for the next competition.

38 pages 8 ½ by 11

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: My First Try at Growing Mums
  • Chapter 2: Tasks for March – April – May
  • Chapter 3: Tasks for June – July
  • Chapter 4: Tasks for August
  • Chapter 5: Tasks for September
  • Chapter 6: Tasks for October
  • Chapter 7: Getting Ready for Exhibit: October – November
  • Chapter 8: Judging Mum Blooms: October – November
  • Chapter 9: Plant Care for January – February

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