The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

Chrysanthemum March 2022

As I write this message, we are planning for another blast of cold winter temperatures and the potential for another significant snowstorm. In the Washington, D.C. area we have already had more snow than I think we had in the past two years. Other areas of
the country are also experiencing severe winter weather. All this points toward a continuing uncertainty about weather conditions for the upcoming mum growing season. But we will persevere and grow our beloved plants. Speaking of our beloved plants, I sympathize with Brian Kanotz and the agonizing decision he had to make about not being able to supply all requesters with their orders. I thank Brian for the priority and support he gives to NCS and our chapters. I am hearing that chapters are getting increased interest in memberships as a result of King’s Mums’ announcement. That is a good result for us. New members are always positive and we may also increase the sales at our chapters’ public sales events. There seems also to be a rising interest in starting new chapters. John Capobianco may have his work cut out for him this year if a number of these inquiries result in new
chapters. New chapters are a double bonus – we get more members, and we get new chapters in new areas of the country. It would be good to have chapters in middle America again. We have a new chair of the Design Developments Committee. Madeline West of the Kitsap chapter agreed to chair the committee and has already sent me several suggestions for new designs in both our local and national shows. She will be sharing her ideas.


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