The National Chrysanthemum Society Inc. USA

Advanced Grower’s Handbook

This Advanced Grower’s Handbook, a handbook for experienced growers of the chrysanthemum, is one of a series of publications on the culture of the chrysanthemum. As a source of information exceeding that found in the Beginner’s Handbook, this publication should prove valuable to the novice as well as the more knowledgeable grower.



Pages: 86

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Location of growing site
Chapter 2 Soil – composition and management
Chapter 3 Nutrient deficiencies and their effects
Chapter 4 Cuttings – a source of new plants
Chapter 5 Planting and early care
Chapter 6 Pinching, bud selections, and pruning
Chapter 7 Shading and lighting
Chapter 8 The terminal spray and how to grow it
Chapter 9 Growing plant forms in containers
Chapter 10 Regulators of plant growth and bloom development
Chapter 11 Temperatures in the life of the chrysanthemum
Chapter 12 Frame for shade or shelter
Chapter 13 Commercial fertilizers their composition and use
Chapter 14 Insects which affect chrysanthemums
Chapter 15 Pests that are not insects
Chapter 16 Diseases of the chrysanthemums
Chapter 17 Use of chemicals for pests and disease

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